Influencer posts are 8 times more popular than brand posts in China

The clients become more and more skeptical about the brands communication. In the digital era, clients become more comfortable with the influencers or even simple citizens posts and advices shared on social platforms.

« L2’s Digital IQ Index China: Luxury 2017 report looked at different luxury brands and how they are performing in the Chinese market. What the report found was that familiarity with China’s unique digital platforms leads to better performance, particularly when engaging with Chinese influencers on social media ».

China is an atypical market providing its own set of social media platforms such as WeChat.

Bulgari, Cartier and Dior have a strong digital presence in China. They have launched their own direct to consumer ecommerce platforms, they develop full communication concepts on social media and organize limited edition events.

These mature brands have understood the power of social media and influencers on purchase decisions. They build partnership with the top influencers such as Mr Bags in the same way they previously partnered with celebrities.

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